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Tony Robbins: Why Some People Take Massive Action & Some Don’t

What can I say, I love Tony Robbins.  This video rocked my world & gave me a fantastic epiphany to round out 2012 and clear the way for 2013.  The first 1-2 mins set up is not the best, so skip to the part that they start the interview for the goodness if you’re in a hurry. 

I’m a visual learner so the diagram Tony walks you through was really powerful for me (it’s on a post-it on my monitor right now actually!).  As I think we all know by now, setting goals is easy - following through on them is not.  Any way I can trick my brain to higher levels of productivity and dedication is a win for me.  Thanks Tony!!

Exciting times!  I now have a blog and I’m ready to share my passions with the world - hooray!!  

Getting started and it feels so good :)  

Ps - wow, I thought this video was made by a fan but it’s the real deal :0  (It’s Van Halen, when they had the faux David Lee Roth they tried to trick ppl with, so good!)